Tator Tots and Tacos

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Besides my freezer to crock pot meals, I tried a tator tot recipe for the frist time. I have seen TONS of different versions of the recipe all with various veggies, cheeses and meats.  I used a recipe from Cheerios and Lattes  it’s an easy recipe, go check it out.

So I used ground pork instead of beef or turkey ans used canned mushrooms instead of beans. But with this recipe, you can add any veggies you like, it’s quite versatile. I should have sprinkled cheese on top of the tator tots as well, but I didn’t want to over do it. Hubby and son loved it, I mean they really LOVED IT and hubby wanted it more often.  It was a great meal, cheap, easy, and did I mention CHEAP.

Squeeze some ketchup on it and we’re talking heaven.

tator tot casserole

Definitely Dinosaur APPROVED

We also had a great dinner of chicken tacos. Hubby was not too thrilled though, he was NOT loving the chicken meat and only had one, he only likes tacos with meat. He can be quite set in his ways.

Dinosaur loved being able to make his own taco. He climbed up on the step stool and chose his ingredients. He carefully carried it back to the table and enjoyed every bite. He ate 2 1/2 tacos, which made me happy. He was messy, but full.

taco dinner

ignore the clutter, though I’m sure my mom sees it right away.


7 responses to “Tator Tots and Tacos

  1. My kitchen counter always looks like that when I make tacos. I’ve never tried a tater tot recipe. But then again, I don’t like tater tots. If I don’t lije it, it’s not getting cooked unless it’s a holiday.

    • I hear you babe, I loved tomato soup when I was prego, now I can’t even read about it. I will NEVER allow it my house again.

  2. Both sounds delicious to me!! I wish my daughter would try new foods. She’s a super picky eater. 😦 When we make tacos, we have to make her a soft taco or tortilla with just cheese.

    • He’s super picky with some foods too, when he has apples and peanut butter they can’t be touching at all until he dips them.

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