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Another Sensational Sunday

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Most days I am happy with my decisions that Dino is an only. I have my sad moments when I wish I could have another, but they are rare and quickly fleeting. I guess since my decision was made for me by unfortunate circumstances I sometimes feel sad.

In the end, I got my miracle, I got the chance to watch a three day old embryo be placed inside of me, I got to feel my baby move, I got to take home a baby that is part of my hubby and myself, I got to be a mother. I get to be a hero to a handsome and smart little man, that I know will always love me as much as I love him. That is all that matters, I am a mother. I thank God everyday for my Dinosaur miracle. Not everyone gets that miracle, I am truly thankful.

Last night I got a little sad and my friend reminded me why it is okay and wonderful to have an only. Thank you Carlin, thank you for getting me out of my silly sadness and open my eyes to the fact that Anthony could know another only-boy. We definitely have to get these wild boys together and pray that they don’t destroy too much.

Having an only means when he becomes more independent, I get a little more freedom. He will never be that little baby again, so I am going to enjoy watching him grow and develop and enjoy some moments for myself.

When I pick him up at day care, he walks out with his backpack on his shoulders and gets into his car seat all on his own. When we go to the store, he is controllable with doughnuts and has the scanner all to himself. When we go on trips, he doesn’t have to share his toys or gets to go on rides with mommy or daddy, and the other parent gets a moment to relax. When we he is sick I can cuddle with him and still go on my laptop or listen to an audio book.


We only have to worry about saving for one college fund. We can buy him a happy meal each time or get him his own dinner when we eat out. Thankfully, he is a social little guy and makes friends wherever he goes. I know he will make friends and even create strong friendships that he will consider family.

All families are special and blessed, all families are meant to be just as they are.

What size family do you have? What do you love about your family size?


7 responses to “Our Family Works

  1. Well, I have three kids and what I enjoy about that is that they are all separated a little in age. My oldest is 24 and my youngest is 17. Colton is in the middle at 17. So when I was done with a fun age for one then the other one reached that age a few years later.

    Dino is lucky to have a whole family dedicated to him! I bet the grandparents love it. 🙂

    • That must have been nice to still be able to enjoy that age with another child and maybe he learn some great tricks. oh yeah, dino loves all the attention.

  2. I have two, a boy and girl. I think it’s natural to want something different. I would love to have at least one or two more, but this last pregnancy was incredibly hard on me, and I am already 34, so I have decided to be done. I think maybe someday if it feels right I would consider adopting a third, but then again, I love my two and am happy as is.

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