Tempertantrum TAPED

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So I decided to tape Dinosaur having a temper tantrum for FOUR reasons. Click link below to see video. Sorry it’s sideways.

Dinosaur Temper Tantrum

Why did he freak out? He threw a toy rock at me, so I threw it out. Why did he throw a rock at me? He did not like that I said no to chocolate chip cookies. It was not the first time and he had been given numerous warnings. So, after three reminders, I threw it in the garbage. He has TONS of other rocks, but was very upset. Hopefully he has learned that if you throw things in anger, you lose them.

So back to the reasons I taped him…

1. will distract him and get him to focus on something else

2. show him later on how silly he looked

3. for my own evil amusement

4. POSSIBLY blackmail for when he is a teenager

Once I began taping he calmed down a bit, was momentarily distracted by the TV and was caught between screaming, crying, and laughing.

Lately, he has been out of control, flying off the handle for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. I am sure as he discovers his independence and abilities to get things on his own, he will become frustrated with hearing my limits…but that is just too bad. I keep telling him I’m his mommy and make the rules because I love and him want to keep him healthy and safe.

Do you tape your little ones having a temper tantrum?


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