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I try to use up all the food in our house, knowing I am not wasting aI have tried making meals and freezing them, but while most came out great, others just didn’t taste right after freezing…no matter what I did. Then I found this site. How amazing to freeze the food raw and then pop into the slow cooker. Less to clean and the meal is done for me when I get home. I just have to make noodles and rice, which is easy.

The grocery store in my town starts new sales on Fridays. As it works out, I get paid every other Friday. So I make a list and shop on the Friday I get paid. I buy EVERYTHING I need for two weeks and make my meals and freeze them. I try to buy lots of milk, bread and eggs, and keep the extra bread in extra feezer and store dry almond milk in the cabinet. It seems to be saving us money, I freeze fruit and use as we need.

TUESDAY ground pork

ground pork – for sauces, tacos, wraps, pizza. I made with a bit of sauce and seasoning. It has a tasty flavor. I also made shredded chicken (in the slow cooker…which the chicken fell apart as soon as you touched it…HEAVEN!)

chicken teriyaki

chicken teriyaki

TUESDAY chicken teriyaki2

Look how tasty and yummy that Chicken Teriyaki looks. The chicken just shredded as I pulled it out of the slow cooker. I prefer it this way, you wind up eating less chicken and the leftovers are so tasty. BOTH Dino and hubby loved it.

breakfast casserole

breakfast casserole – came out very flat. Probably because I didn’t follow directions, I just winged it like I always do. But it still came out DELICIOUS

lazy day stew2

Lazy Day Stew…the smells as I walked into the apartment were divine.

lazy day stew

I added noodles, which soaked up most of the stew. I prefer it this way, less mess when Dino eats. Each bite was heaven.

lazy day stew3

there was so much, we had a heaping bowl for dinner, more for lunch and tons left over for two more days. How great is that.

sausage and peppers2

this was another great meal. it was a little greasy, but I was able to scoop the grease off which helped.

sausage and peppers

so yummy on toasted rolls with melted cheese. What a meal.

sausage and peppers3

left over sausage on left over pasta…the juice was tasty instead of sauce.

pot roast

delicious pot roast, that even hubby was salivating over.





bbq chicken and veggies

can’t wait to come home to this yummy bbq chicken with veggies. I added bbq sauce, veggies, and two chicken breasts. I’ll make rice when I get home to go with this yummy meal.


I try to use up all the food in our house, knowing I am not wasting anything. I had to throw away pizza sauce and had a little bit of shredded cheese left in a bag.

So what did I do? I made nachos with pizza sauce.

TUESDAY pizza nachos2

TUESDAY pizza nachos

Dino LOVED it.

11 responses to “Freezer Meals

  1. You were busy! I, too, try to make good use of my crockpot and use leftovers for lunch. However, I’m finding having an adult male in the house to share meals a few times a week for the first time in a long time is seriously cutting into my leftovers AND my grocery budget!

  2. I just found out you could put the uncooked meat in with everything and freeze it to cook later, too! I have yet to try it, but your stuff looks delish!

    • it’s so awesome babe. It takes time putting everything away and bagging them up after the store. But then when I get home and the meal is waiting for me, I cry happy tears. So worth it.

  3. The toasted rolls like yummy. I wish my two-year-old would sit down and eat the same meal as her daddy and I. Very rare. Furthermore, I wish I liked cooking…sigh. #sitssharefest

    • Dino always doesn’t eat it, but he knows it will sit there and no snack. Sometimes I give in and let him have a cold cut sandwich or peanut butter with apples. As long as they eat, right?

    • I am still working on getting everything I need and not having to run back to the store, but as for meals, it’s great. I don’t mind the left overs, since the meal is fresh.

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