NaBloPoMo AND Listicles 2-25


Monday, February 25, 2013
Do you think you would enjoy being a “sex symbol?”

NO WAY. Everyone watching your every move, your life all over the internet, every food you eat and clothing you wear judged all the time. There is no way I would want that. I look at celebrities and while there lives seem glamorous, it is something I would never want. I would NEVER want to live life meeting anyone’s expectations of what I should be.

I’m 37 and happy with who I am. I don’t need to others opinions or validations to make myself feel better. I wear eye makeup to enhance my eyes when I go out. I don’t cover up my “flaws”, because they are part of who I am. I love my body and what it has gone through. I have stretch marks, wide hips, flabby arms, thick thighs, and a round stomach. I LOVE my body.

I don’t straighten my hair, I don’t put highlights in my hair. I don’t look at every other woman and wish I had her body, hair, or looks. Every woman worries about flaws, no matter how beautiful you think she is. Every woman is trying to improve something or hide something. I don’t want to be that woman. Every body is different. Beauty and sexiness is NOT a clothing size, makeup, jewelry, or shoes. It;s how you feel about yourself. The sexiest thing on a woman is confidence.

I want my son to know what a woman who loves and respects herself acts like. I want him to find that type of person when he is older. I want him to find someone that doesn’t need him to validate them, but rather support, respect and love each other.



1. magic bullet ~ that thing did NOT work at all. what a waste, after about ten uses it DID not puree food the way it was supposed to

2. Cami secret ~ those did not work on bras with thicker straps. If you have curves, it doesn’t work.

3. TV protector ~ to keep son from touching buttons on TV…HE BROKE IT!

4. Child safety locks on bi-fold doors ~ they made it more dangerous and easier to get his fingers in the door. BEFORE you buy any child safety devices, ask a friend with a WILD kid to come over. Better yet ask the parents to come over and let them tell you what works and what doesn’t. That is the BEST advice any parents can give new moms and dads. Most of the safety items are USELESS or DANGEROUS

5. Espresso and cappuccino maker (hubby’s idea) ~ he used it about four times in the last six years, so sad.

6. Pedi paws nail sander for dogs ~ that thing was a torture device for EVERYONE

7. Rocking recliner from Bobs Furniture. It was hard to rock in and after a few months the rocker just didn’t work. It was RIDICULOUS to get a replacement.

8. Pop up toaster. Hubby bought one many years back and what a mess and and a waste. It took up valuable space and wound up burning our toast no matter what we did. I prefer to put the butter on the bread or bagel first, then toast it. It soaks into bread and taste SO MUCH BETTER.

9. iPod shuffle, I got so annoyed not knowing what song was coming up next. I NEVER use it anymore, I may have to sell it somehow and use that money for gas.

10. ANY AND ALL exercise equipment and DVDs I bought over the years. Yeah I’m still using them. Can you feel the sarcasm?


19 responses to “NaBloPoMo AND Listicles 2-25

  1. I always looked at the informercials for the magic bullet and keep thinking, this would be great but I hate buying things remotely. I am so glad, I didn’t go for that one.

  2. lol @ torture device for everyone (Pedi Paws) – I’ve always been too nervous to deal with a dog’s nails myself. I bought a bootleg, cheaper version of the Bullet and I love it! I use it for a lot of different things – mostly smoothies, other drinks and single-serving soups. It’s been going strong for quite some time.

    Great list.

    I found your blog today through Monday Listicles.

    Have a great day!

  3. Oh, kitchen appliances are such a great waste of money (some of them, anyway). I bought a microwave egg cooker, since my hubby and kids LOVE eggs, and it worked well for a year or so until it completely blew up in the microwave!!! I loved the iPod Shuffle, but only until I got a proper iPod. Now I can see what’s playing!

  4. I have an espresso maker that I rarely pull out. I would use it more, but don’t have room for it on the counter and having to get it in and out of the pantry is just too much work! (Color me lazy!)

  5. OMG!! I bought the dog pedi groomer thing, too!! It’s awful and didn’t even do anything but make my dog cry!! And you are SO right. The shuffle is SO irritating. Who doesn’t want to know what song is coming up? Great list!!

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