Kid Lit Blog Hop #10

Liking up with

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We were offered to check out a new book.

Pandora's Box

Dino loved this. He was so excited that Pandora found a box. But as she kept trying to open it, he kept saying

“No. No. No.” Just like her brothers and friend. Each time she tried to open it he got mad and said, “She is not listening. Her mommy will be mad.”

When she did open the box, he roared in delight at what was inside. What was inside? Well you have to check out the book to see for yourself. It was a cute book, and Anthony loved hitting the arrow to read the next page.

And the fact that it all rhymed, just made his day!

Check out her other books.

Pandora’s Box is free today and Zombie-Kids Go Green will be free on Thursday


7 responses to “Kid Lit Blog Hop #10

  1. Great review and in rhyme too, lol. I read this book this week too after Julia’s free promo. I absolutely loved it and I was so delighted as a resident of the southern hemisphere I won’t be able to show Gigi the (NL) but this book can show her.
    Thanks for linking in to the hop, we enjoy your reviews so often. Cheers Julie Grasso

  2. Glad Dino liked it – aren’t all of Julia’s books fantastic? We have a copy of this one too, and usually we read them all the day we get them, but strangely, we haven’t gotten to this one yet. We just fix that!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Hugs, xx

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