Happy Waffles

I don”t have time to make my own waffles and pancakes, so I stock up when they are on sale. I also stock up on fresh fruit, wash them off and freeze them. I can then take the fruit I want for waffles, pancakes, muffins, cakes, and other baking.

waffle face2

It makes for a quick Dinosaur breakfast in the morning. Sometimes Dinosaur wants me to make a smiley face and other times he wants to make his own patterns. Either way enjoys his waffles.

waffle face

What do you do for a quick breakfast treat?

kids in the kitchen link up

3 responses to “Happy Waffles

  1. My kids love waffles too. I try to make them on the waffle-maker on the weekends. If you make a few batches, you can freeze them just like the grocery ones. I put them in individual baggies and the kids toast them during the week. I love your idea of the fruit. Do you set it out the night before? Does it get gooey after defrosting?

    • I save the waffles and pancakes for my hubby to make, it’s like a special breakfast for us on the weekends. I put warm water in a mug, put the fruit in a few minutes. I heat up the waffles with the fruit, then pour syrup over it. He doesn’t
      mind the softened fruit since it mixes with the syrup.

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