Sensational Sunday

If you had told me that I would be squished on a couch with two men who constantly farted and squirmed all over me. I would scream NO WAY.
Now as I look at the two boys both trying to get on my lap, while letting go of the most horrendous farts imaginable. I look down and know I am so lucky. I would take the tiny space on the couch and inhale the pollution a million times over.

There is nothing better in life. I am truly lucky.

Thank you God, for giving me such wonderful gifts. Thank you for giving me such wonderful boys that love me so much that they want to sit as close to possible to me and are comfortable enough letting loose in front of me. Sure one is a dog, but he thinks he’s a human.

I could still be sitting on the couch alone, not knowing what it means to be loved unconditionally. I am truly blessed.

boys chilling
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