Snowy Saturday

Weekend Blog Hop

Last weekend it snowed!!!! Wasn’t it great. Mommy and daddy were not happy, but I loved it. Snow is fun. We got so much of it that I was climbing on snow mountains. I think it should snow every day!

Mommy said she would prefer a dusting and daddy said he wants NO snow at all.

Parents are weird, who else wants snow ALL THE TIME?

SATURDAY fun in the snow5

Our recycle bin is trapped in snow, I will try to climb on it though

SATURDAY fun in the snow4

The end of our garage, daddy parked on the grass so the plow could get the driveway. We have a little spot to get in our garage.

SATURDAY fun in the snow3

The top of our driveway

SATURDAY fun in the snow

I had fun jumping off the porch onto the snow mountains

SATURDAY fun in the snow2

Look at me climb, isn’t it fun.

Here’s a video of me playing in the snow yesterday. Mommy is SO MEAN, instead of helping me she just taped me and laughed. How horrible is that? Please report her to for being mean.


One response to “Snowy Saturday

  1. Kids are so funny. They don’t seem to notice the cold or unpleasantness (IMO).

    I dislike it so much that I’m currently residing in Mexico until it all goes away 🙂

    Visiting from Epic Char’s Weekend Blog Hop ( a Fellow Canadian.

    New follower via Pinterest ( and Google+ (,

    I hope that you’ll stop by The Zoo and connect further.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

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