Valentine’s Day and Gifts

Monday, February 11, 2013
What is your ideal Valentine’s Day celebration?

I don’t think Valentine’s Day is a big deal, your love should treat you good every day, not just on one day. But if I had to think of a perfect way to spend it…then I would love spend the day listing to audio books, blogging and reading blogs. I’d love for hubby and son to cook me every meal and clean the house. Yup that would be a good day…but that would NEVER happen, so I am just going to be thankful I have a son and hubby to share it with.

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1. Turtle for my 20th Birthday (after a decade still upset about that one)

2. Blue slip on fabric shoes in a bright blue (really looked like clown shoes)

The rest weren’t that bad, just like my hubby to get me something he thinks I can use. I am practical and don’t wear lots of jewelry, so I guess I am hard to shop for. I rather gift cards. They’re not romantic gifts and I prefer that.

3. a space pen that writes upside down

4. water bottle for mothers day

5. dried rose for Valentine’s Day two times in a row

6. plant from grocery store

7. lunch bag

8. laundry bag

9. coffee travel mug

10. robe

6 responses to “Valentine’s Day and Gifts

  1. I know we should treat each other special every day, but sometimes life gets in the way. it’s good to have a day that’s set aside to just take the time despite whatever else is going on. Happy Valentine’s Day, Karen!

  2. I would love a turtle!! Just last Thursday I was in a taxi and I could see a turtle crossing the road. I wanted to scream to the driver to pull over so I could get the turtle and bring it home, but I didn’t have anything to put it in. And though I love turtles, in theory, I didn’t want to just hold it in my hands for the rest of the drive.

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