DINOSAURS everywhere

Kid Lit Blog Hop

Every other week we head to the library to return the books we borrowed and check out new books. I LOVE my books on tape and Dinosaur loves getting books on DINOSAURS.

This past week I was told we had to get books on triceratops. We now know the exact spot the non fiction dinosaur books are located, we headed on over and carefully looked at each book. I was either given the “okay” or “no” for each book.

In the end, we left with a bunch of books. Dinosaur loves to look at the pics of dinos and loves to hear their names and facts about them.


Another fun activity for Dino is to match his toy animals to the dinosaurs in the book.

kid lit blog hop

kid lit blog hop2


3 responses to “DINOSAURS everywhere

  1. I love the matching toys to books idea! Reading your posts make me miss teaching. The kids were obsessed with the dinosaur books! Fiction-wise, my favorite was, “How does a dinosaur say goodnight?”.

  2. Omigosh – look at all those fantastic books! You know what? Even I find dinosaurs fascinating and the science that is often shared in these books is so valuable. He’s going to grow up to be a paleontologist that little boy of yours! ❤ Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. So nice to see you there! 🙂

  3. Awesome! My son loves dinosaurs. Recently, we got dinosaur poop. It was great! We got to learn all about it, what scientists look for – and we even got to make our own! Woot!

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