NKOTB….What Was I Thinking?

NaBloPoMo February 2013 Prompts : Tell us about your first crush.

So my first crush. I didn’t have a crush on any boys in my class. In fact, most of the boys and girls in my Catholic grammar school were just down right bullies. They were just awful and evil to me, there really isn’t any other way to put it. I truly hope they are teaching their children to be good human beings. As a parent, I would never let my child bully anyone, ever.

So my first crush, that I can remember, was the New Kids on The Block.


I truly thought they would be bigger than the Beatles, which my dad still laughs about till this day.  Oh they were so dreamy in my young mind, so clever, cute, and talented. I was sure they would be around forever. I actually had their sheets, posters, and perhaps other embarrassing items that I have successfully blocked from my mind. My parents dutifully took me to their concert, a friend of mine was supposed to join us, but she got sick. I was then stuck going with my parents alone. At the time it was embarrassing, but now I see how dedicated they were. Thanks mom and dad. I know I will probably have to attend some awful and crazy thing that Dinosaur will be into and swear will last for all eternity.

Over the years my crushes evolved…Joaquin Pheonix and Adam Sandler (all their movie DVDs are just collecting dust, LOL)

Now my crush is Jackson Rathnone, oh what a cutie he is. A talented artist and family man. I am glad I got to see him in concert with his former band 100 Monkeys. He’s now a solo artist, actor and producer.


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5 responses to “NKOTB….What Was I Thinking?

  1. Oh… I had sheets, and posters too…. and clothes even… man, and I really liked them because to many of the pictures that I have I am wearing NKOTB shirts. Did you know that they are touring again??? do you think your parents will go with you again 🙂

    • My sister wanted me to see them and I would went (for her) if I had the money. She did go to see 100 Monkeys with me when they were still together. I just can’t get back into NKOTB, LOL…I think it brings back flashes of my teenage weirdness, LOL

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