Doctor Dinosaur

It’s Saturday and time for my story again.

Mommy bought me a doctor set a while ago, but I lost the needle. I can’t find it anywhere maybe it will turn up again. It is a cool set though, but them mommy made it even better.

have to make sure all my animals are healthy

She added…

  • two empty medicine bottles and cups so I can give medicine just like a doctor.
  • cotton balls in a metal tin so I can put medicine on boo boos
  • empty plastic container

feb 2

I love my new doctor set. Do all of you have doctor bags? What do you have in them?


3 responses to “Doctor Dinosaur

  1. Love the extra’s Dino! Didn’t your mom do something else like that for you not that long ago? Wish I could remember because I have a four and three year old visitor today. Hope that needle shows up so you can give your mom a shot! 🙂

  2. We made our own doctor kits for the stuffed animals… We have cotton balls, q-tips, some real band-aids and some craft sticks for tongue depressors in ours. Oh, and a small piece of Ace bandage. I love it when they wrap their Beenie Babies up like mummies!
    stopping in from Sharefest; have a great weekend!

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