THRUSDAY 1-31 – Organization Ideas and Cleaning Schedule

cleaning chores done this week

Thurs 24th ~ dust all furniture AND Hall closet & basement shelves (dino helped me)
Fri 25th ~ baseboards in bedrooms AND vacuum bedrooms AND wipe down bathroom (dino helped me)
Sat 26th ~ doorknobs, light fixtures, and switches AND dust all fans (dino helped me…didn’t do the fans…ooops)
Sun 27th ~ declutter AND plan shopping list AND wipe down bathroom (dino helped me…need a different day to plan shopping list…grrrr )
Mon 28th  ~ change sheets AND clean fridge and microwave (dino helped me)
Tue 29th ~ clean bathroom AND wash out trash can (dino helped me…I cleaned out trash can, but hubby messed it up again…grrrrr)
Wed 1-30 ~ catch up/declutter AND vacuum living areas (dino helped me)



Do any of you use these ideas or do something similar? How does it work in your home?

organizing ideas on pinterest that I added to my “small spaces” board

Gotta stay organized ;)

I would like to try this, but afraid it will not work until hubby is on days. Though one day it might work as son gets older. I would like son to help decide on weekly menu…wishful thinking on my part?

Great Message Board Idea

I LOVE this idea and going to try it out…now just have to find some empty picture frames.

Keep track of all the goodies in your fridge and/or freezers with a dry erase marker!

I LOVE THIS and have written all over my freezer door. What a simple, but genius idea.


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