Lasagna Shells and Roll Ups

So no every meal goes according to plan. I wanted to make a big batch of lasagna shells and freeze some into individual meals. Did that go as planned. NOOOOO, but it was a learning experience, and as I have said before this teaches Dino to just keep trying and have fun.

I followed this recipe and Dino helped me to make the shells. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to dig in after they were done. NOTE ABOUT DAIRY AT BOTTOM OF POST


About to put them in the oven…don’t they look great?


Unfortunately, they burned and dried out on top even though I covered them with tinfoil. My cousin Michael informed me, after I complained on Facebook about my disaster, that I forgot to add sauce on top of the shells.


Seriously, how could I forget to do that???? Oh well, I will NEVER forget that now…thanks Michael.


So I made lasagna roll ups the next day…My cousin Micheal suggested it especially since Dino loves to help me. I followed the same principal as the shells and used this recipe to guide me. It was a pain to soak the no boil noodles and wait for them to soften in order to roll them up…but I did it. I was so worried…but they came out great.  AND>>>>>> hubby said this was my best meal and the chicken parm is now at #2.


AND…They were Dinosaur Approved as well

lasagna roll ups

Have you ever tried a recipe and it failed…but when you tried again it rocked?

*(On a side note…yes I used cheese in this recipe. While my son still has allergies to all forms of dairy, I have been including limited amounts of cheese in his diet for other reasons. As a result he has had an increased amount of mucus, but not serious enough to keep him up at night. I will NOT be giving him any other forms of dairy.)


One response to “Lasagna Shells and Roll Ups

  1. Those look pretty yummy!
    I just made spinach lasagna rolls for the first time the other day, and they were a big hit, too. It rocks when both hubby and the kids will eat the food!

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