Waste of Energy?


Monday, January 28, 2013
What emotion do you think is the biggest waste of energy and why?

Whoa this is a hard one…There are so many emotions that are NOT healthy. Jealousy and anger are dangerous and waste of time. Jealousy is a waste, because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Sometimes the grass is fake and can’t ever be competed with. Sometime the grass has to be worked on every day and what a waste of time that is. Sometimes the grass is filled with hate and guilt and no one wants that seeping into their homes. Sometimes the grass looks beautiful, but when you take a closer look it’s an illusion. Sometimes the grass is perfect, but over time it wilts and tries to take you with it.

Anger is dangerous because if kept bound up in our hearts and lives, it explodes violently. Letting anger build up can make you a dangerous person who can push everyone away. Do you really want to a right and alone? Don’t get me wrong, don’t let people walk all over you  stand up for yourself. Don’t let them win by holding onto it all the time.

What emotions do you think are dangerous or a waste of time?

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