Sensational Sunday – Sick Dino


Why is a sick Dino make for a sensational Sunday? I’ll tell you….

sick boy2

While it’s tedious and tiring taking care of a sick kid…the fact that I have sick child to care for is a wondrous thing. When he looks at me and coughs, my heart melts. When he sits on the couch quietly and slinks onto the floor, unable to move too much my heart breaks. Forget the fact that I can hardly do anything because he wants me with him on the couch all day. Forget that he sneezes and coughs in my face. Forget that I have to suction and wipe boogies all day. Forget that I have to watch endless episodes of Max and Ruby, Shrek 2, Scooby Doo and the Pantosaurus ALL DAY.

Despite all that, I am a mom. I know I have said this before, but I never thought I would be a mom. I never thought it would happen. So bring on a sick Dino, I welcome it. I am so blessed that he knows his mommy will cuddle and kiss him when he is sick. I am so blessed that I have a child to to care for. I am so blessed that I have a home to keep him warm, blankets to cuddle him in, and arms to hold him with.

sick boy

What do your kid(s) like to watch when they are sick? I am going to try to get him watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or ANY other movie I can find on Demand for free. Any suggestions?



One response to “Sensational Sunday – Sick Dino

  1. Oh, I hope he feels better soon. And take care of yourself too Karen. My little girl was sick with the flu, and then I caught it. I’m on Day 6 of it now. Has he seen any of the Spy Kids movies – those are great!

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