The Sussy Project

sussy project

Yesterday, at our favorite local diner our breakfast was paid by a friend.  Hubby and I were in shock when the waiter told us after we asked for the bill. I immediately emailed her and thanked her. She explained that she is taking part in the

I paid it forward and then looked into this project once I got home. I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy as I read story after story of people helping out others. I try to show son how to be a good person and help others and this gave me more ideas.

You can sponsor the next Sussy project

You can nominate someone

It got me thinking about all the things I can do for others monetary and non- monetary. Have you heard about this or help others in your own way? How do you show your children to help others? Have you ever been the recipient of a kind act?


4 responses to “The Sussy Project

  1. This sounds really neat! I’ve never participated in anything like this because it seems so money driven and that’s just not a way that I can help people. However, I’m happy to write resumes, give interview advice, free personal training, etc. 🙂

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