Dino says AWESOME

It’s Saturday and time for another Dinosaur’s Story

Yesterday I had fun with mommy, she created an obstacle course in our home. It was so cool, I got to run, jump, hop, climb, and crawl. My mommy rocks is awesome, I just wish she would let me do what I want when I want.

obstacle course4

I had to jump climb on the couch and then jump off of it onto a pile of pillows as fast as I could.

obstacle course3

then I had to crawl under a sheet very fast.

obstacle course5

I had to crawl on to an ottoman and potty.

obstacle course2

then quickly walk across three chairs.

obstacle course

finally I had to jump on three cushions before starting all over again.

I had so much fun, mommy get trying to get me to do the obstacle course faster each time. After a few times I got REALLY tired, but after a short break I was ready for more.

Then this morning, we all we

nt to see the movie The Guardians.

Then we had lunch at McDonalds, I got a toy from the happy meal. It was a great day. I am very lucky.

obstacle course6

    Are you having an awesome weekend too?


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