Snowmen Socks

Out of the blue…or maybe I have seen it somewhere, but I don’t remember…I blame mom brain.

So back to my point, as I was throwing away Dinosaur’s old socks, I thought we could make snowmen out of them.

  • We used other socks and cotton balls to stuff each sock.
  • We used pipe cleaners to tie off the bottom of the sock and fold it up.
  • We used red ribbon for the scarves
  • Black permanent marker for drawing on the faces, buttons, and hair. Dinosaur held onto the marker while I drew. He loved telling me what to draw.

Sure we could have sewed on buttons and used pipe cleaners as arms…but this was a quick, last minute activity. I spent NO money and Dinosaur enjoyed every minute of it.

This is one tradition we’ll have to do EVERY Christmas.

snowman socks

Dino happily posing with his snowmen socks

snowman socks2

Dino holding some of the snowmen socks. After this we decided to make more.

snowman socks3

Some of the snowmen posing on their own.

What crafts have you done that were last minute and cheap, but totally rocked?

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