SITS Holiday Card Link Up

SITS Holiday Card Link up

Each year I include our dog, Balboa, in our cards. He is part of our family after all.

The first card was a Thanksgiving photo of Anthony (6 months old) and Balboa. Then after that I used Christmas photos of Anthony with Santa one with Balboa.  It’s a tradition to take the photos at my parents house during Thanksgiving. Between my father and I, one of us will get a great photo of them.

When Anthony grows up, we will still do family cards, perhaps including ALL of us in the photo. I don’t care how old and “too mature” he is for cards, he WILL be taking a picture with us. Unless he wants me to send out a card with an embarrassing photo of when he was younger. 



4 responses to “SITS Holiday Card Link Up

  1. I love your card!! Your son is totally adorable!! (And I wish I had a picture of my kids with the dog!! SO CUTE!!) Love it!!

  2. Of course Balboa is part of the family. Who would think otherwise. I do not have any cards like this, it’s just not my thing. Now that I have grandkids I’m kinfof sorry I didn’t do stuff like that.

    Love the pic of Dino by himself and the one with Balboa in his face. But they are all cute!

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