Finding Comfort in Prayer

Today at church, the seats were almost all filled. Families holding onto each other, mothers giving extra kisses and hugs, fathers wiping tears away. We were all there for the same reason, to celebrate our faith and to pray to God to find answers. The priest spoke openly about the horrific tragedy and how we need to keep our faith strong and continue to pray. That is all we have at the moment. To pray for the families of those innocent children. To pray for the families of the educators who only wanted to shape the future of their students. To pray for children who survived but will have to live with the trauma of those horrific events. To pray for families who were not there, but still feel the grief and fear. To pray for good to prevail. To pray that these senseless acts of violence and evil will end.



5 responses to “Finding Comfort in Prayer

  1. I imagine there were quite a few very full churches today.
    I have been praying for those children who witnessed events they should never have had to see or hear, and for all those that lost precious loved ones.

  2. I have to admit that every time I read, hear, or see anything about this tragedy I cry and pray more. I wish I didn’t have to listen anymore. I’ll never be able to understand this type of grief and heartache. I pray that these families will be able to have some sort of life again, that they’ll remember their little children always with fond and happy thoughts, that the parents will remain together and be able to care for the children they may still have left at home, and that they understand that God does love them.

  3. This tragedy touched me like no tragedy has before. I think because I have a child now and can empathize more with the pain those poor parents are in. We just have to keep praying without ceasing.

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