Happy Dinosaur

I’m back and will start getting to a regular posting schedule…It’s Wednesday and time for “Life with a Dinosaur

As I have stated before, you can’t be perfect and try to be do everything perfect. You can’t get upset if yoru craft doesn’t turn out like the one on Pinterest. You can’t cry if the tent doesn’t stay up like the one on the commercial. What matters most is if you are having fun and making wonderful memories.

With Dinosaur, all he cares about is learning, having fun, and spending time with mommy. So when we attempted to make a cute snowman (and I couldn’t find buttons or ribbon I wanted) I improvised.

We rolled up play dough and used it for his eyes, mouth and buttons. In the end Dinosaur learned that making up and improvising can be tons of fun, not everything has to go according to plan, and as long as you have fun that is all that matters.


Afterwards Dinosaur had fun pressing his fingers into play dough while I made dinner. Unplanned activity that rocked.


The hand print reindeer didn’t turn out how I had seen it, but Dinosaur talked about it for three days. He loved it so much and that is all that matters.


I did more of the work on the cotton ball Santa, but let Dinosaur glue all the cotton down. All I did was help him get pieces in between other pieces…he was so proud of his work.

cotton ball santa

When hubby when on camping trip with his boyscout troupe, Dinosaur wanted to camp too. So I tired to get the sleeping bag up like a tent…but that WAS NOT HAPPENING. Then I used a blanket as a tent and let him sleep on the sleeping bag.  Of course it took about a hundred reminders to not jump on the tent, because he would knock over the chairs and fall on toys.


The small living room may be a hazardous zone right now…but the look of joy on my son’s face is all that matters.

I was NOT allowed in his tent…even though I had built it for him…it was for him ALONE. I felt left out for  a minute…but was then granted one picture of him in the tent…I may have slipped in in a few more, but they were not of his face…he’s a smart cookie.


Have you attempted to do an activity and it didn’t turn out like you expected…it was way better?


3 responses to “Happy Dinosaur

  1. lol does any activity involving a child EVER turn out as you expected?! We have had some disasters which left me wanting to run for the hills…but also some that turned out really well (like when they wanted to make snowmen pictures and I improvised with white cupcake cases!)

  2. Yeah my activities rarely turn out as planned, but we always have fun. I think his reindeer hand came out pretty darn cute. I think it’s cool that you spend time together making things.

  3. {Melinda} Love it … I just wrote about this on my blog today. Often “real” is much better than perfect. We just have to be willing to let the “ideal picture” in our head go and embrace the moment. Your son is very lucky to have a mama who is willing to do that. 🙂

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