Sick Mommy and Stupid Elf

It’s Saturday and time for my story. My mommy is sick AGAIN…and so am I. But my mommy takes care of me even when she isn’t feeling well and forgets to take care of herself sometimes. I tried to make her take her medicine, but she said she needed to wait a while before she took it. I try to be nice to mommy when she’s sick, but I really just want to play with my toys and jump on her, is that too much to ask? 

So, now on to this stupid elf.

So I am spending time with my LaLa and PopPop this weekend, so mommy can get rest and I can get SPOILED. The only bad thing about this set up….this stupid elf has to come with us too.

Have any of you heard of this “elf on a shelf” character? Well, somehow he came into my home and now is going to be watching me all the time. As if mommy and daddy don’t have enough stupid rules. Seriously, why can’t I jump on the bed, climb on shelves, go outside in my underwear, put paper in the toilet, eat chocolate at night, draw on the walls, or pull down all the Christmas decorations? All stupid rules, RIGHT?

Well now with this elf in my house, who I named Scooby Doo, he is watching my every move. I though he was just a toy, but he seriously does go every night to see Santa and sits in a different spot in my house. Then mommy got a picture of him on her computer watching me at daycare. I knew having videos at daycare was a bad idea.


So while I’m LaLa and PopPop’s this weekend supposed to be having lots of fun and getting spoiled, so is Scooby Doo. He even called Santa to let him know he is keeping an eye out for me.


Any ideas on how I can get rid of him? I’m just waiting to get him in my reach then he’ll be sorry. Do YOU want him? 


6 responses to “Sick Mommy and Stupid Elf

  1. LOL — I never thought that the elves knew about daycare videos, what smart elves!
    Tell mommy I hope she feels better soon.
    I hear we have an elf on the way…. I wonder if he knows about computers, too…

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