Attempt at Chinese Food

Another Tuesday and another cheap and easy meal. Though this one took a little extra time to make, but only about ten more minutes. Like most of my other meals, you can substitute the meats and veggies and even the noodles for ones of your liking. I think next time I will try this with pork and shrimp (if the shrimp is on sale).


1 chicken thigh $1.05
3/4 cup frozen veggies $0.75
2 eggs $0.25

1 can of fancy small corn $1.50
2 packets of Teriyaki noodles $2.00

1. either cook chicken thigh or defrost chicken and shred
2. boil small amount of water and add 2 beaten eggs
3. Put egg mixture on side
4. boil another pot of water and cook noodles to directions
5. while noodles are cooking, add veggies, corn (cut into small pieces), and shredded chicken
6. add egg mixture and stir into noddles while letting noodles absorb the water
7. let cool and serve

6 servings, COST PER SERVING $0.91


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