Pillow Obstacle Course

So with the weather getting cold and wet I have been trying to keep a wild and constantly moving dinosaur busy. I do fun activities, crafts, and games with Dino, but he just LOVES to run, jump, fall, and crash all over the place. He NEVER stops moving, which can be rough in a small apartment.

Sometimes he comes up with ideas on his own…like wanting ALL the pillows on the floor even the couch cushions. If you are going to jump on pillows, why not use EVERY single pillow and cushion. Then he stands up on the cushion-less couch and jumps around gaining momentum to jump down on the pillows below screaming “I am Superman.” He obviously learned that in day care.

He does pose sweetly for me to take a quick picture, before roaring and jumping on the pillows once again.

Then he takes a break, cooling off and recharging for more craziness. He looks so peaceful and calm, right?

Don’t believe me? Can’t believe that he never stops moving or how he has made my living room his fun house? Well watch this video, sorry it’s so dark. Even with the video light and all the lights on, it still comes out dark.

Thankfully, he cleans up with little problems and my living room room looks organized and clean for me to blog and watch TV. 

How do your kid(s) keep occupied in the colder/wet weather?


11 responses to “Pillow Obstacle Course

  1. What are you? My twin?! I used to do the EXACT same thing with my daughter. I also have video of it. I think you’ve nailed it – great minds do think alike! lol So adorable!!

  2. I remember all the cushions on the floor or all the videos stacked up like towers. I have four girls and one son. He was much tougher to keep from destroying things in the cold weather. That’s why I got him into winter sports as soon as possible. He needed somewhere to channel that energy other than destroying our home or killing his sisters. While still so young, it’s trickier. We took lots of trips to McDonald’s Playland. I’d let them play for an hour or so and then buy an ice cream on the way out. Any warm snap meant a trip to the park. And as long as it wasn’t storming we’d bundle up and take a walk, sometimes even to play at the park. The swings are still fun when the ground is covered in snow.

    Good luck. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Fun, fun, fun! We did a big pillow and chair obstacle course last winter when we were stuck inside for a long time. Under chairs, over pillows… I even pulled out a big plastic bag and cut it to make a big long slipper thing to crawl over in the hallway.

    Definitely a fun way to get some energy out!

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