Very Bad Storm

Mommy and daddy said there was a big storm and we couldn’t stay home in case we lost power and got cold at night. We spent two nights with my Aunt Julieann and Uncle Adam’s house. They lost power, but had a generator so we could watch TV and stay warm during the day. I had lots of fun playing with my cousins, but missed my home. Then we spent one night with my LaLa and PopPop in case mommy had work on Wednesday or Thursday, because their house is close to mommy’s job. During dinner that night, Mommy’s school called and said it was closed all week. 

I really wanted to go home, but Mommy and daddy keep saying we are very lucky. Even though we lost power and and had to stay with family, we didn’t have any damage to our apartment or get hurt. Many people got hurt or lost their houses. Mommy says I have to pray to God extra long tonight. I have to pray for the people and pets who need help because of this storm. There are trucks all over town. Mommy says they are helping to get power back people’s houses.

Now that we are home, we are going to the library this morning for story time and to return and borrow more books and DVDs. She says NO mall, it is filled with people trying to charge their computers and phones and looking to get out of a cold house. Mommy says it’s too packed and to stay near our home. The play area is too packed with kids who need to warm up after being in a cold house all night. Maybe we might have Halloween this afternoon, but we’re not sure. There are many families with no power in our town. I am glad I got to celebrate Halloween in town last Saturday, but wish I could go to people’s doors and get more candy.

I asked mommy why this bad storm happened, but she said she didn’t know. Aren’t mommies supposed to know everything?


8 responses to “Very Bad Storm

  1. Love it! Dinosaur you are a very lucky boy. You were safe and warm and your mommy and daddy love you very much. Have fun today at story time!

  2. Dino- Very glad you are safe and that your mom is so thoughtful. My family is praying for yours and all of the others in your area. Hang in there..

  3. Yes, little one, it was a bad, bad storm. I’m glad to hear that you and your apartment are safe. I have been thinking of all of my blogging friends out there… Stay safe and warm!

  4. I’m so happy you and your Mommy and Daddy made through such a bad storm safely. What thoughtful parents you have, because they are thinking about the needs of others who had a worse time after the storm

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