Giveaway: Soyummi Product

I am doing a giveaway with Soyummi Foods they are giving away  3 FREE PRODUCT COUPONS to try out their products. Dinosaur and I LOVE their products, I LOVE that I can give Dinosaur foods that others are eating but won’t make him sick. Each product is delicious and perfect.

Because this is NOT a self hosted blog, the Rafflecopter won’t show up on the blog, but I can link to it. So go enter

SOYUMMI giveaway


6 responses to “Giveaway: Soyummi Product

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  3. So sorry but we can’t have soy here anymore per the doctors orders. Yeah, no milk, no soy. Very limiting. But I did happily Reddit for you because I’m sure there are others who would love to have a delish soy based product.

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