Chicken and Broccoli Rice Pilaf

Another Tuesday and another cheap and yummy meal. I’ve learned two things by changing up the way I make and record my meals… 1. Dinosaur  loves these cheaper meals as opposed to the ones I spent more money on. 2. Dinosaur loves when all his ingredients are mixed together. Go figure, right?

If you have noticed, I don’t use place mats or tablecloths. Dinosaur DOESN‘T stop moving, place mats and table clothes only make it easier for him to knock food off the table.

he was shoveling it down…you can tell by the mess on the table


chicken tenders $2.65
1 box of olive and herb rice pilaf $2.00

5 pieces of frozen broccoli  .50c

1. Slice raw chicken into tiny cubes
2. Season chicken and broccoli to preference and cook
3. cook rice pilaf according to instructions
4. Mix all ingredients together

4 servings, COST PER SERVING $1.29

6 responses to “Chicken and Broccoli Rice Pilaf

  1. Looks yummy. I love rice pilaf. Wiping off the table is so much easier than wiping down or washing placemats. Your Dino is so cute!
    I don’t know if you accept blog awards, but I am passing on the Sisterhood Blogger Award to you. Please don’t feel like you have to follow any of the rules that go with it. Just come by the blog, grab it and go. If not, that’s cool too. I thought it would be fun to pass the award on to the women involved in our first secret swap 🙂

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