So Busy and Keeping Safe

I am still trying to get used to my new schedule, I have missed a few days of blog posts and reading blogs. I am so behind and feel terrible. While I was unemployed it was easier to get on the computer and set up posts, but now I have to balance preparing school work in the time I have set aside for blogging.

I have been both a full time working mother, part time working mother, and stay at home mom. All are challenging and wonderful, but I NEED time to blog, I NEED time to express myself and connect with other moms.

How do you all find time to blog whether you are a working mom/dad, stay at home mom/dad, or somewhere between?

I also want you all to stay safe if you are in Hurricane Sandy’s path, we are pretty prepared for a few days with no electricity. I am NOT looking forward to keeping a wild dinosaur busy at home, inside a tiny apartment.

How are you keeping your kid(s) busy at home?


4 responses to “So Busy and Keeping Safe

  1. It is hard to find time to do everything we want/need to do.
    Saying a prayer you and your family will be okay with the storms. Keeping little ones busy inside is no easy task! Lots of crafts, scavenger hunts, and playing in the bathtub with shaving cream keep the kids busy.

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