SMILE of a Child

Flipping through my stations one day, I came upon SMILE of a child network. It is a Catholic based station and has many shows. Some shows are corny or too silly. While others are right on and capture Dinosaur’s attention. Three shows that we both like are…

Paws and Tales reminds me of Little House on the Prairie and I LOVE that. It intertwines biblical lessons and how kids can apply them to everyday life. The animations are top notch and the stories are fun while being spiritual and educational.

Hermie and Friends is about a caterpillar who is small but knows talking to God will solve problems. Hermie knows that God made him and God loves him. At the end of the episode the creator of the series summarizes the episode for children and reminds them of God’s love for them. Anthony gets such a kick out of this show. He listens very closely when God talks to Hermie and when the creator talks at the end.

Grandfather Reads is a soothing but educational and inspiring shows. It features a gentle but wise grandfather and parrot. Grandfather reads books and teaches important life lessons, while Pedro shows educational videos as he figures out Grandfather’s message. It makes reading books and learning cool.

We also found this movie, Barnyard. I love this movie for Anthony because it has a wonderful message. The cow, father figure, fights off the evil coyotes even though he knows he will lose. He tries to teach his son how to protect the animals on the farm, but Otis is resistant. In the end, he realizes he has his father’s strength and courage and does the right thing for the farm. There are sad parts and funny parts. He loves when they are all singing and dancing and “Wild Mike”.

He also loves the following song and sings it all the time. The father cow would play his guitar and sing and it immediately caught Dinosaur’s attention.

Has any of these shows/movie/songs calmed down Anthony????? NOPE! He’s wild as ever, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. I can’t wait to see how he uses his power for God and Good.

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