Long Term Goals

Another Sensational Sunday and Dinosaur was so good in church again. Whenever he hears the word pray he does the sign of the cross prays aloud for God to keep his family and home safe-he truly makes me a better mother. We also pray for family and friends in need, keeping those we love and ourselves happy, helping those in need, helping all children live in a warm home and gets lots of love from their family.

Already out of his church clothes but posing for pics with a monster shirt

The priest spoke about the Gospel and how John and James wanted to make sure they were seated on either side of Jesus. The priest explained that while it is important to have long term goals, we should focus on WHAT the goals are and how valuable they are. While having a good career and providing for your family is necessary, what about leading a life filled with faith and teaching that faith to your children? We often forget the latter goal, but it should the most important goal.

I think about Dinosaur and his often wild nature, but his good soul. I want him to live life in the right direction, a life filled with faith. As he grows and becomes a man, I want him to always include goals for a Catholic life. I want him to carry those goals with him throughout any situation, I want him to know he will never be alone in making any decisions, God will always be there guiding him.

I will be making my long term goals for our lives very different now. I will make sure God is always in our plans. How about you? Do you include Go din your plans?

Happily watching the SMILE station we found, it has tons of Catholic based cartoons. I will post about it on Wednesday. Dino loves some of these shows.


3 responses to “Long Term Goals

  1. What a beautiful post. It is easy for me to say, “Yes. God is always in our plans.” It is harder to remember that day-to-day. Thanks for the reminder. Have a blessed week 🙂

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