Another Saturday and time for my story. Did you all know I LOVE dinosaurs? Seriously, I LOVE dinosaurs, they are cool, big, loud and love to ROAR. I love to roar too. Mommy says that my throat will hurt if I keep roaring, but it’s so much fun.

Mommy got jealous and wanted to wear my Dinosaur hat too, she tried to roar…but it wasn’t as awesome or scary as my roars.

I told mommy to tape me roaring and I made her laugh, I love when my mommy laughs. But before you watch the videos turn DOWN the volume, I am a LOUD dinosaur.


A video of me showing off my roaring skills.

A video of me roaring and throwing mommy’s phone, I got crazy but enjoyed making mommy laugh. Don’t worry, mommy’s phone is fine.


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