Good News

It’s Thursday and I have a cleaning schedule idea from another blog I’d like to share. Though, before I do that I want to tell you all the good news I mentioned two weeks ago. I got a part time job. It’s less then I was hoping to get, but puts me back in the education field. It’s a bit of a commute, but it totals two and half days of work so I can still have time with Dinosaur. Possibly he may need to do three days at daycare, which I think he desperately needs. I start today, after heading over to human resources to do all their paper work.

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

So now on to the cleaning schedule…you know how much I love those. Over at Imperfectly Polished she did something so simple but clever. She put her cleaning schedule in a picture frame. That is sturdier than laminating and easier to switch out and change if you change your cleaning schedule. I started laughing aloud at how clever this was and wanted to smack myself for not thinking of it sooner. Go check out her blog for more ideas. 

12 responses to “Good News

  1. Congratulations! I know you love your time with Anthony and you have been searching for a job, so this sounds like a win-win situation to have both. So happy for you.

    • Thanks babe, right now I am one full day and three half days…though that will change. My supervisor wants the school to fill in the gaps so I can be sent to another school if they need to give me more hours.

    • thanks babe, right now am one full day and three half days, but that will change to probably 2 1/2 days since my supervisor wants me to fill in the gaps in the schedule. I am so happy Anthony gets more time with his friends though

    • thanks babe, my supervisor wants me to tighten up the schedule in case more schools need services. I would love to work more hours, as we do need more money.,

  2. Yay you!! Congratulations! I know this is a tough decision but the trick is all in the balance. Sounds like a great way to ease back into working and sounds like you found a job that is a good fit for you. Yay!!

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