What Matters Most

Another sensational Sunday, we actually went to church on Saturday. Hubby and I are going to the JETS game with my dear friend Cathy and her family, and we won’t have time for church on Sunday morning. We are dropping Dino off at my parents house then driving down to the stadium. I didn’t want us to miss going to church, I could have watched a program at home, but I love the the feeling of being in church.

Dinosaur posing in his Sunday clothes

Dinosaur was so good in church, even though it was at a different time and we were in the actual church and not the church hall. He loved looking at everyone and smiling, even though some refused to smile back, and there were more people to shake hands with. As we left, Dinosaur proudly exclaimed that he had so much fun in church. I told him I was so glad that he did. I want him to enjoy going, I want him to find peace and answers at church, I want him to feel connected to something greater than himself.

I wish hubby would join us at church, though I don’t want him to go unless he really wants to. D0es that make sense? I think the Gospel and sermon would have been important for him to hear. The priest spoke about how we get into we need to live and how to get into heaven.He listed all the items we have in our lives that won’t matter in the end. We have our phones, computers, designer clothes, fancy cars, and expensive jewelry. In the end, all that really matters is how we lived our life and if we lived for God.

I know that hubby has a hard time with this. He often complains that the kids at the elementary school (he is a custodian and overhears them talking) talk about their fancy vacations or watches them leave expensive clothes at school and never pick them back up. Most have cell phones, i-pads or expensive electronics . He worries that our son will be the only one without all this when he goes to school. I try to explain to hubby that none of that matters, if we raise Dinosaur with popper morals and on the right track he will not care about what he has. He will not need to impress anyone or try to keep up with friends. All that matters is raising him to follow God and be a good person. If as an adult he cares about other people, does the right thing even when it’s difficult, stands up for those in need, helps others, donates, is a good husband and father, and is HAPPY…than we have done our job.

Sure it will be tempting f0r Dinosaur to not have what others have, every kid goes through that, but if we model for him the type of adult we want him to be, that is how he will behave.

I know Dinosaur is on the right track, it’s almost like he can see the good in people. It’s almost like he can bring joy to people just by talking to them. He knows that we are all different shapes, colors, sizes, and ages. He knows that is wonderful and fun. He knows that God made us all special in our own ways. In the end we are all just people who are good candidates for a long talk about dinosaurs and big dino hugs. But, he also isn’t fooled easily. He can sense when something isn’t right and will run over to me or stay guarded. Can he also see the negativity in people too? Can he see that some people are trying to trick him? I sometimes wonder if he knows more than I do.

Dinosaur insisting that he has to pose with a silly face this time.


5 responses to “What Matters Most

  1. Great post! Your husband shouldn’t worry about it. We don’t have a home phone and my 17 yo doesn’t have a cell. I really don’t hear a word about it. We get free nights and weekends on the “family” cell and ny son talks to his friends on his XBox (that he bought with his own money). Yes, kids will realize that everyone has different circumstances and they’ll learn to appreciate their own and find joy in it.

  2. It’s hard not to worry, but internal confidence and values are more important than material things.

    I’m jealous! I haven’t been to a Jet game in over 10 years. My dad used to have season tickets. Now I”m just plum too far. We did make it to a Giant game a few weeks back when they played the closest team to us. My Boy was THRILLED!


    • that must have been so exciting for your son.

      yeah, I keep trying to tell hubby that material things don’t matter

  3. I struggled for a long time with my husband not wanting to go to church. There is no right way to handle it because there are so many factors in each situation. I didn’t pressure him and I just kept going myself. One Sunday, he just up and decided it was time, and he’s been going with me ever since. However and whenever it works out in your case, just know that Dino is learning so many awesome gospel lessons from you. (Hugs)

    • yes, that is true. I know he is listening and taking it all in.

      That is great that your hubby joined you one day, that is awesome.

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