She Won’t Buy Me a Rocket Ship

It’s Saturday and time for my story, I know you all wait for this special day.

I don’t ask for a lot, I mean I AM A KID and am SUPPOSED to ask for all toys I see. But this time I REALLY wanted a rocket ship and mommy said NO. Can you believe that? She said NO! I am so hurt, what a mean mommy she is. You want to know how mean she really is? She won’t let me pretend to drive her car unless I pee on the potty. See…BIG MEAN MOMMY!

I don’t want to ride my bike or play soccer. I want to fly in a rocket ship. So, I turned my table over and sat in it. I told mommy to take pictures so I can document how I have to make my own fun.

Trying to figure out how I can make this fly

I am so smart, after turning it over I realized I made the best rocket ship. It would totally fly all over. I won’t let mommy on the ship with me, unless she gives me lots of cookies and gummies.

if only I could get it up in that tree

I kept trying to get my rocket in that tree, but it wouldn’t work. Don’t you feel bad for me? 

Come on mommy, push me around the yard.

I bet you would push your kid(s) around. I bet you would buy your kids a rocket ship. Maybe you can talk to my mommy and make her feel guilty.
Help a Dinosaur out.


8 responses to “She Won’t Buy Me a Rocket Ship

  1. The very best kinds of rocket ships are the ones we create on our own. Way to go, Dinosaur! Way to go also, mommy. Letting your kids use their imaginations is one of the best gifts ever!

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