My Meal Plan

Two weeks ago, I admitted that I stink at meal planning and asked for help. I got great advice and ideas. I think my biggest obstacle, besides the limited space, was trying to fit what I wanted into a table format. So, I created our meal plan in a list format, letting me decide when I wanted to make certain dinners or lunches. I like having the freedom of choosing and not being stuck making something I am not in the mood for.  

I already had an inventory of my food cabinet, spice cabinet, and freezer. I made a list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods I could make with the food I have on hand. There will be foods left over for other meals, but seven dinners is good to start with. Next time I go shopping, I will update my inventory and meal plan.

Click menu planner for word document to update on your own if you choose.

Another way I save money is by buying meat and poultry on sale and splitting them up into the amount I need for each meal. By splitting up the portions, I spread out the meat and save money. I got tired of our meatballs an so did Dinosaur, we all need a change, right? I now make meat and veggie sauce…which I will post about very soon.

All my frozen meats

4 mini bags of separated ground beef and 4 mini bags of sausage (without the casing) for my meat sauce. They taste better when they are cooked fresh. I guess it’s like a bolognaise sauce…which I LOVE. 

5 mini bags of separated chicken thighs and drumsticks. I find that chicken with bones cooks better and freezes easier, I know it’s not healthy…but we are on a budget. When defrosted, it still tastes fresh and is easy to cut up.  Freeze chicken breasts and chicken tenders raw and cook them fresh, since they will dry out faster. I mark how many are in each smaller bag and the price of the smaller serving.

Below are two recent recipes using my smaller portions of meat…prices for each ingredient, total meal, and price per serving are shown.

chicken and potato lentil soup

chicken and veggie pastaRoni


35 responses to “My Meal Plan

  1. As long as you pull the skin off the chicken and bake instead of fry, it’s not bad for you at all. Dark meat has tons of nutrients!

    • yes. that is true…get rid of the skin and it’s good, besides I love the taste of dark meat. I didn’t realize it had nutrients though, I will have to read more about that… THANKS BABE

  2. I’m fortunate enough to have a room in my basement with a spare fridge and also a freestanding spare freezer. I do buy meat in quantity and freeze. I also divide up beef, chicken or pork, make a marinade and freeze in that and let it marinate as it defrosts.

    • oh my kitchen is SUPER SMALL, I have a tiny apt and an small and OLD fridge and freezer. I only keep frozen veggies, meat and an ice cream or two in there. we use left overs right away, so we don’t need to freeze them.

      I miss my big freezer, I used to do homemade freezer meals.

    • Yes… I thought with a smaller place it would be harder since I can’t do freeze ahead meals. But it works out better this way. I LOVE when I can make a super cheap meal that everyone loves.

  3. think that bone in chicken is just as healthy if you take off the skin. It’s not as iff a chicken was born with a boneless, skinless breast. Processed!

    I’m glad you found a plan that works for you. Makes things easier, I’m sure.I

  4. A meal plan is a great idea! I may have to use this one day because we have been getting really bad with our eating habits around here lately. Planning ahead and certainly a great way to go and helps to keep things healthy!

    Happy Sharefest!

    • if you do use it, let me know, I’d love to link back to you babe!

      Yes, I have noticed it keeps me eating healthier

  5. I love meal planning! Not only does it mean my grocery shopping is more organized and more affordable, having a plan during the day to know what I need to prep makes it easier for me to actually get it done. Good on you for working something out!

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  7. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I try to plan our weekly meals and shop with that. And I recently re-discovered Aldi. SO much cheaper! Happy SITS day!

  8. I’m glad you got your meal plan worked out. It does take a load off your mind a bit, doesn’t it.

    Best wishes as you work it and tweek it. I hope you love it for a long time to come. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. When you are on a tight budget, meal planning of some kind is so important. I like your idea of meat serving size frozen packets. I definitely do that after Thanksgiving and any other time you cook more than you can eat. Enjoy your SITS Day and your chicken thighs which are loaded with iron versus the white meat.

  10. My next step in meal planning is to make a master list of the food I buy regularly with the prices I see. That way I can tell how good of a deal something is and stock up when the prices are at their lowest. We are fortunate enough to have an upright freezer in the basement, so that helps save a ton of money on meat!

  11. I have been thinking the same thing regarding meal planning–and it all looks healthy so far! I also found a honey garlic chicken slow cooker recipe that you can double, cook one portion and then save and freeze the other half for a night when you don’t want to cook! genius. Let me know if you want it!

  12. I know what it is to live on a budget. I remember my mother going to the market during my childhood and spending my Saturday afternoons freezing the meat. I remember the mason jars and canning, I don’t know why they called it canning, peaches. Great start to order.


  13. I always try and be very budget mindful and our weekly meal planning (with a weekly circular from our local food store) really helps in that!! Happy SITS day!

  14. You’re really smart when it comes to meal planning. I have to admit that chicken and veggie Pasta Roni looks good. I’m a big fan of Pasta Roni myself.

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