Sweet and Silly Dinosaur

As wild as Dinosaur can be, he has a sweet and happy soul.

Despite getting frustrated with the Legos not standing up how he wanted them to on the couch (I gave up trying to reason with him) he posed for a picture. He loves making silly faces and tries to crack me up.

He was so proud of his double-decker Lego car, he couldn’t stop smiling and pretending he was driving it all around.

After eating his Happy Meal, he stuck the box on his head…where else would you put an empty Happy Meal box?

Other times he insists that his dinosaurs and cars need to play in the food containers. So what does he do??? He empties out the cabinet and uses EVERY single container. Of course he wants a picture taken of him, look how proud he is. Even though he initially says “NO.”, he helps me put everything back. He LOVES to help clean up.

He quietly sits on the carousel looking at all that is going on, enjoying the moment and quiet, after a hard day walking around the mall.

 I am so blessed to have this loving and sweet boy in my life. While he drives me mad at times, he brings me so much joy and reminds me why life is wonderful. During those wonderful times, I just sit back and laugh, how boring and bleak life would be without him.


12 responses to “Sweet and Silly Dinosaur

  1. However do you keep up? I like how cooperative he is about you taking pictures of it all. He seems very proud of all of his accomplishments! 😀

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