F is for Failure

I did NOT do as much with F as I wanted to…I feel so bad for my son. Though don’t worry…I don’t REALLY feel like a failure, we did so many other wonderful things with Dinosaur this week. In addition to that, I will hopefully have good news in a week or two.

On Friday Dinosaur found the letter A, Dinosaur took one of daddy’s mini football helmets and pulled out the stuffing and proudly said, “I found letter A”.  Of course it was an upside down V, but at least he is on the right track. I was so proud of him.

So anyway, I am going to make up for it and be super Dinosaur Teacher for the letter G and fall colors this week. I will post all about them next Monday.

When have you all felt like you let down your kid(s)…but it all worked out or really wasn’t a big deal to them.


So, here are some letter F activities I found while searching around…try them out.

Pinterest crafts

first school ws

Everything Preschool

confessions of a home schooler

12 responses to “F is for Failure

  1. I try… I think that there’s a constant feeling that I can’t do it all for my kids. It is a burden, lol… but we do what we can, and have to hope it’s enough. The letter N I think was a hard one when I was teaching my children, but since then I’ve learned a lot more about the letter N. lol

    • OH WOW!!! THanks so much babe. I can’t wait to read your post in detail tomorrow and get started on mine. WOOOOHOOO…. YOU ROCK

  2. If it makes you feel any better, the tooth fairy forgot to leave money under my son’s pillow last night. Groan… Luckily, it just turned out the Peter and Lambsey (my son’s two loveys) were just playing a trick on him and gave it to him this morning instead. Bad mommy…I mean, tooth fairy….

    • oh no, poor little guy. I am glad that his loveys decided to give up the money.

      It’s hard to remember it all, you moms do A LOT for everyone else.

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