Seeing God in Every Person

Another wonderful Sensational Sunday…Dinosaur once again racing to get into church-he is such a happy child.

The morning was colder than usual but what a beautiful fall day. Dinosaur happily sat down and asked politely for his snacks. If you have read my previous Sensational Sunday posts, you know I let him eat and play with his toys in church. I know he is listening to the mass, I know he is paying attention in his own way. As long as he attends church and has faith, does it matter what keeps him next to me?

The priest spoke about St. Francis of Assisi and seeing God in every person. He spoke how Jesus became upset with his disciples when they pushed parents away who wanted Jesus to lay hands on their children. Jesus reminded them that God is in every person, that faith has no age limit. I looked around overjoyed to see all the children in mass with their families. Each family, like me wanting our child/children to live a faithFUL life and understanding what is means to be a Catholic, and how to be a good person. It’s not easy getting kids out of the house and having them sit in mass for an hour. It is not easy keeping them quiet when they need to be constantly moving. We do it though, because we believe, we have faith and want our children to have faith as well.

It hurts me when I see people looking at the children in mass and shaking their heads. Children make noise, they celebrate in their innocence and simple joys in life. As parishioners we should be welcoming families into church not getting upset with them. It breaks my heart that my son might see an adult getting annoyed at a family. It breaks my heart when my son walks up to a person to shake their hand say “peace you” and they ignore him. How do I explain to my son, who is saddened by the man ignoring him just because he is a child? How do I help him see God in every person, when there are people who do not let goodness into their hearts?

Despite the disappointment, he is still smiles and find the next person to shake hands with…I hope his joy and love NEVER leaves his soul. He is my inspiration.



10 responses to “Seeing God in Every Person

  1. That’s one reason I love my church so much. It’s a Methodist church, so services are less formal than a Catholic mass probably, but all the people near us always smile and chuckle when Max is over excited. He loves dancing, and the pastor has actually called upon the congregation to be more like Max in regard to the enthusiastic way he worships. It’s such a wonderful atmosphere!

    • Our church is very welcoming and loving, but it just broke my heart that a few parishioners are upset with kids…why go to church then if you don’t want families around?

      Dinosaur always moves and dances to the music, if he feels it then I want him to move along with it…even if everyone is standing still.

      That is great that the pastor called Max up…what a way to get kids involved.

      The priest in our parish always waves to Anthony and shakes his hand…we love our priests.

  2. My grandaughters have been praying and making the sign of the cross for as long as I can remember. I myself am Lutheran (my daughter was raised Lutheran and converted when she got married) and we have a cry room because we have Sunday School prior. However, some people still bring their children and I never thought about the message you just shared. Parents and children shouldn’t be ridiculed for doing what Jesus asked us. But because of this my daughter sometimes has us babysit when the girls are acting up and they need to go to mass. Thank you for sharing.

    • I am so sorry your daughter feels like she can’t bring HER daughters to share in her faith. That is a terrible feeling, My parents’ church is like that and it is such a shame that children are not welcome in mass.

  3. I’ve been in services with well behaved kids and it’s a joy. I love their enthusiasm. I’ve been in services with poorly behaved kids and it’s awful. I dislike watching the kid draw in sharpie marker all over the bible or grinding his peanutbutter into the pew. But I’d dislike that in any situation, not just church. I’m blessed to be at a church with a great children’s program. I can leave my kids in kids church knowing they will learn about God in age-appropriate ways. That leaves me free to focus on my own spiritual life without trying to parent. But, I’m also free to bring the kids with me into service. It’s my choice, and we do some of both.

    • Our church is so welcoming, but a few people just hurt my heart, they forget why they are Christians…but as long as my son is not phased, that is the important thing.

  4. I am going to have to pray more because I swear some people are filled with nothing but the devil. Lil’ superhero is a better person than me. I would have held my hand out until they took it.

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