Dairy Free Resources

Hey Dinosaur here,

I usually tell funny stories on my day. But mommy got questions from a few people about dairy free resources or foods she uses. She asked that I explain it to all of you. I love when mommy makes pasta and rice mixes. They do contain some milk, but it is not enough to make me sick. They have such little amounts of milk. Now if she bought the creamy kinds, then I would be coughing all night. I can’t have any premade mac and cheese products, because there is just too much dairy in there. Mommy makes a really good soy mac and cheese, I’ll have to tell her to post about that one day.

I can have doughnuts or cake, but really can’t handle the frosting. Not only does it contain dairy it has tons of sugar which makes me really wild and then I don’t feel great afterwards. Mommy says it’s hard for me to make good decisions on my own, because I’m still little. But, when I get older I can decide what I want to eat and see how it makes me feel. Right now, it’s hard not being able to eat what others eat, but mommy gets sick from dairy too, so we have each other. Mommy makes my pancakes and waffles with our dairy-free milk, it tastes really good to me.

Restaurants can be scary for both of us, often foods are cooked or come into contact with butter, cream, cheese, or milk. Mommy makes sure they know we are allergic to dairy and choose foods that she knows will have no dairy.

For more information on dairy-free here are some resources. There is a food pyramid that many people follow, but mommy and me follow the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate, it doesn’t say you need milk at every meal. It explains that you only need 1-2 servings of dairy a DAY. It then goes on to explain how dairy can come from OTHER places besides animals.

Mommy doesn’t want people to think she is forcing them to eat dairy-free, but for those of you who asked…it is possible to live healthy and happily without animal milk. Some have no choice and others choose to live without dairy because they feel better. Basically mommy says you have a choice, and no one should make choose for you.

Other great sites my mommy likes are…

Go Dairy Free

Cooking Dairy Free

Recipes from Harvard Healthy Eating Plate

We drink rice milk and almond milk and use almond milk to cook with. We buy whichever products are on sale. They all taste yummy to me.

We don’t buy it too often but use coconut milk and soy rice pudding. It is expensive to buy on a regular basis. We do love coconut
yogurt with granola and rice pudding at night.

Since we can’t use butter we use dairy free butter for spreads and baking.

We also use soy cheese, which I LOVE and mommy has gotten used to the cheddar one and loves it melted on her food.

I hope I answered all your questions…oh wait, mommy said I did a great job. I learned so much about dairy-free from my mommy.
She loves me so much that she wants to keep me healthy and happy.

None of the companies paid me or mommy to talk about their products. We would love it though if they wanted to work with mommy, or even do a giveaway…*hint* *hint*


6 responses to “Dairy Free Resources

  1. We use Rice Dream a lot but we can’t use Earth Balance because hubs is actually allergic to whey. It makes him violently ill. I typically bake vegan, it’s just easier.

    It’s a good thing mom is checking all the ingredients!

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