Another lovely Sensational Sunday… Dinosaur was great in church, every day he surprises me. The priest was delighted that he was racing to get into church. Dinosaur shook the priests hand and said Peace be with you. I smiled overwhelmed by my son’s love. the priest was thrilled and got a good chuckle out of him. As the procession began, Dinosaur was eager to watch them walk and was overjoyed by the priest waving to him-My cup runneth over.

The priest spoke about the Gospel, at first it seemed as though Jesus was being mean to his disciples. He explained that Jesus was telling us to get rid of all that would harm us-illnesses and bad thoughts. If we surround ourselves with negativity and evil thoughts, they will consume us. Therefore, getting rid of that negativity, will leave the positiveness and love for God.

It is easy to fall into jealously, anger, and malicious thoughts. I try to teach my son to see the best of it all, the joys in the world, the good things that come out of every situation. Instilling this in him now will ensure that he continues to see the wonders throughout his life, even when I can’t be there.

I want to share a video of my son praying. Last night at dinner out with my parents, he was eager to show how he does the sign of the cross and how he prays. My father only got the last few minutes of Dinosaur praying, so happy to share his faith. At first Dinosaur didn’t want my dad to tape him, but then he happily let him video him. My father had trouble uploading it to youtube, so here is the link for the video on Picasa- Anthony Praying


2 responses to “Positivity

    • I will definitely have him pray for Max. I bring Anthony cars, dinosaurs or robots. He plays in whispers with his toys. I figure as long as he is there and listening in his way, that is good enough.

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