Fire Safety and the Letter “D”

At school each week they are focusing on a theme and a letter. This past week it was fire safety and the letter “D”. I did some searching and found printables and activities that could work with Dinosaur.

Small area for displaying each week’s themes and focusing on our lessons.

Fire Safety Activities and Printables

fire truck craft son loved doing this, I colored it then cut it out. We worked together to create the firetruck.

printable phone 911 we go over this almost every morning.

fire fighter hat color matching game I didn’t do this with son, but will save it just in case.

firefighter son loved dressing the firefighter up. In hindsight, I should have printed out the female version. I will have to remember than for next time.

toilet paper craft  this was a blast for son to do

Dinosaur proudly showing off the firefighters he made.

Create escape plan with pics and place to wait. We had a lot of fun crawling to the door and windows from every room in the house. I made sure Anthony knew to get in front of me, so I could always see him. Then I tied a sheet onto his waste if he had to crawl behind me.

interactive site for older kids


D for dinosaur

letter d worksheet though not sure why there is an answer key, LOL

saying D words aloud

I also drew a large letter D and had Dinosaur paste images and pictures that began with the letter D. He had fun telling me where to put each picture on the letter D and pointing to the pictures each morning saying their names aloud.

Letter D PowerPoint lesson – I created a lesson where Dinosaur can click the buttons on my laptop and control the lesson. With each click of the button the picture appears to which he proudly says the word, another click makes the word appear, a final click plays the recording of us saying the word.

I uploaded the PDF of the presentation to my wiki space. Doing what I do best, I am going to create a lesson for each letter as the school year progresses. I will make the original presentation and a customized presentation available for a small fee. This sudden idea came to me as I was creating my son’s lessons and I decided to put my talent and ten plus years of teaching to good use.

I have a letter page and a theme page on my wiki space, go check it out and let me know what you think.


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