Today’s sermon was something wonderful. The priest began with an explanation of the gospel. All the while Dinosaur played with his dinosaurs in a quiet whisper, while other kids were talking, some crying, other playing with their toys. Some patrons were upset about the “noisy children” which broke my heart. Do they not realize they are the models for appropriate behavior for children too AND they were not TRULY listening to the priest’s sermon.

The priest explained that greatness is being generous, altruistic, and hospitable, NOT for acknowledgment or praise, but because you want to. Greatness is not showing off how wonderful of a parent you are, but by loving, supporting and giving your child faith. By living a faithful life, we are in fact teaching our faith to others, and our children and that is greatness in God’s eyes.

The sermon left me thinking about how I could model greatness for my son. While I want him to feel good about himself and have positive self-esteem, I don’t want him to look down on others. I am sure there is a fine line between self-esteem and being conceited. How do you ensure your child will always help others but not let others take advantage of him?  How do you ensure that you child is proud of winning a soccer or football game, but not brag and boast to others? How do ensure that your child will always love who they are without showing off in front of others? How do you ensure that your child will continue to live a faithful life when faced with peer pressure?

What do you think about greatness? How do you ensure that your child, no matter your faith, will live a faithful life of greatness?

Anthony loves his daddy’s hugs. I tried to connect this to greatness, but I could say that I am honored to witness the greatness of father and son love.


2 responses to “Greatness

  1. Karen: Once again, I love it that you tied in the “greater” meaning in our lives each Sunday. Thank you for sharing. I applause you for being bold in your walk of faith. Role modeling with your little Dinosaur will pay off for generations to come in his life and others. As a child, I also sat with my mom and listened to the sermon as a child. It changed my life forever.

    I think as a mom we operate in “greatness” all day without being recognized. This is our God-given role and honor as mothers – the satisfaction is caring for our little ones. I also believe that greatness is knowing that we are raising our children through faith – which is great in itself. Thanks for the profound words of thought and for sharing.

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