The Coolest Mommy

It’s Saturday again and that means you all get to hear from the coolest Dinosaur around. Aren’t you all so lucky?

Sometimes mommy can be really cool. She always sits down on the ground with me and today we ate our snack there too. Then mommy said we should bring out a blanket and have a picnic one day. See…how cool is that?

Then we played soccer and catch, mommy is the best mommy, she runs around with me and kicks the ball off the garage and it flies high in the air.

She even laughs when I kick the ball under her car, but she says I have to run around to get it. Even if it lands in the scary bushes, I have to get it-but she will hold my hand. Mommy says if I can kick it over there, than I have t get it. I would get mad, but we have so much fun.

Then I decided to treat mommy to a show of my awesome talents. See what I can do? I can balance on a ball! I bet you can’t, mommy can’t either so don’t feel bad. She said the ball is too small for her, but I know she’s just scared.

Then I found the coolest thing. A squashed piece of chalk, so I did what mommy wanted to do but was too afraid to. I rubbed my hands in it and stomped on it. IT WAS SO COOL!

Mommy was too lazy to get a wet rag, she told me to just wipe it all over my pants and shirt. I was so happy, but wanted to show her my blue hands first.

I love getting dirty, but was upset over my Lightening McQueen sneakers getting dirty. Thankfully there were lots of leaves around to help clean Lightening off.

Mommy says I’m the cutest, handsomest, sweetest boy on the planet. I would have to agree with her on that. That’s why I LOVE my mommy.

Going to spread my charm around later. It’s my Aunt Janet and Uncle Phil’s birthdays and we are going over for a barbecue. I know I will get spoiled and given lots of yummy food. I can’t wait, but have to start practicing my cute looks now.

Do you all have cool mommies and daddies too?


8 responses to “The Coolest Mommy

  1. Awwww…too cute! That chalk is pretty awesome, isn’t it? I always tell my kids that getting dirty is a sign their having a good time – that’s why we have washing machines! 🙂

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