Organizng Dinosaur’s Room

Before I show you Dinosaur’s room, I’d love to show off your cleaning schedules every Thursday. Do you have one? Want to get inspired?

This schedule was made by Cassie over at Momity, I love how she added “relax” to her schedule-that is quite important. Every cleaning schedule is wonderful and fits that mom and her needs. It can be a simple weekly one or a detailed daily, weekly and monthly one. For more cleaning schedules checkout my other organization posts. You can also check out my cleaning schedule along my sidebar, I cross off each item as I complete it.

I’m a day behind on my cleaning schedule, but that just means life happens. I don’t claim to be a cleaning guru, my mother can attest to that. The main goals of my cleaning schedule are to make sure I don’t go crazy on the weekend and EVERYTHING gets cleaned and not forgotten about. I WILL get to things eventually…but always know time with family comes FIRST…no matter what. My son will not remember my cleaning schedule or how clean the kitchen floor was, he WILL remember how I twirled him around outside, roared while I played dinosaurs, and how much fun we had playing hide and seek in our home.


Now onto Dinosaur’s room.

Well, I love how the closet it set up, I have space for two types of shelves in there. We had to put the crib in front of the left door, but it moves easily enough if we need to open that door. I tried to organizable it based on need. The metal racks holds toys that I rotate and our out of season items. The bookshelf holds clothes that are out of season but he still wears, like that pile of shorts hidden by the chart paper, we could have a sudden hot day. I am not packing them away for another week.  I also keep trucks that I can’t fit in his other organizer shown below, books and shoes hidden in a basket on the bottom shelf. Dinosaur loves being able to go in his closet and get what he needs. I hang in season clothes on hangers, as well as, outerwear. On the shelves above the hangers are TONS of diapers and wipes and the pieces that change his crib into a day bed.

The toy organizer labels have changed as Dinosaur has gown and outgrew toys. I used hubby’s label machine to label the bins for hubby or anyone else helping Dino clean up. I have had to help Dino find a toy that was put in the wrong bin ONE TOO MANY TIMES. I also printed off a large picture of each type of toy and taped it to the inside of the bin. I want Dinosaur to know where his toys go when it’s time to clean up. He is really good about this and will tell you if a toy is NOT in the right place. Some bins are blank as we have miscellaneous items that may change too quickly. As long as his dinosaurs, trees and rocks, big and small cars, Disney Cars, and robots have a home he is good.

not sure if you can see the big robot picture taped to the bottom of the bin

His dresser also has both labels…for Dino and others. I want him to start picking out his clothes and putting them away. He has a drawer for socks, underwear and undershirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, long sleeve shirts and pants, pajamas and diapers-which I have NOT labeled yet. He is pretty good about putting away his clothes. I only keep a few pants and shirts in that one drawer and the rest I keep in the closet. I will rotate them so he doesn’t wear out just a few. Of course his church clothes always hang in the closet…I can’t have him stain them up by wearing them everyday.

have to peel the old label off the handle, but that tape is on there really good

This is actually MY dresser from when I was a teenager. My parents and in-laws offered to buy him a new furniture set, but I refused. What is wrong with using my STILL IN FAIRLY GOOD CONDITION dresser? He is only three years old, he does NOT need new furniture or a desk until middle school/teen years. He has a great crib that will transition into a day bed, what else does he really need? 

21 responses to “Organizng Dinosaur’s Room

  1. It all looks great. I hope it works wonderfully for you and lightens your load a bit. I love the labels on the drawers and bins. Not only do they help him find/clean up things, they will help as he starts learning to read. Great job, mom.

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day.

  2. I love the labels on the drawers for clothes! I need to do that for my little guy.
    I thought of using a toy storage like that, but my daughter is a climber…. And I know she would take the baskets off and try to climb it. Seriously, she is a climbing nut!

    As for using furniture that was yours as a kid, I am all for it! In fact, I have my old set — it’s actually being used in our master bedroom! 🙂

  3. Such cute and smart ideas! Miles is still at the stage where I’m trying to teach him how to put toys into one bin without getting distracted and taking out more than he puts in! LOL. Can’t wait until he’s old enough to use your clever systems.

  4. I will come by on Thursday to see my cleaning charts. Love them!

    My favorite part of Dino’s room is the labled drawers. I was with my granddaughters last night and having trouble finding PJs.

    Coming by from SITS (Saturday Sharefest!).

    • yeah, that is part of the reason, I don’t want to have to find clothes that others put in the wrong spot. you have a cleaning chart you want to share?

  5. It feels great to accomplish a task like this doesn’t it?? I’m still struggling with a ‘clean up/ organization’ project as well but I like the idea of putting a picture on each drawer or cubby thingy

    • I found the pictures would make it easier for him and in the long run teach him some organization, I hope. Thanks for stopping by, going to return the favor babe.

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