Keeing a Dinosaur Busy

Keeping an energetic and determined dinosaur busy is hard work. He keeps moving ALL THE TIME, he even moves in his sleep. He tries me out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My friend, Cathy once said something that stuck with me and still does to this day. You were meant to be a mom boy. You’d be a great mom to a girl too, but you let your son be who he is and don’t try to change him. Of course I’m probably changing a few words, but her words got to me and made me love my crazy little dinosaur even more.

Though, I still need to keep him busy, while still keeping my sanity. Here are some SUPER cheap ways I do that.

1. “HULK HANDS” Letting him put on his hulk hands a gift from Aunt Janet and Uncle Phil. He will run around and pretend he’s a monster dinosaur. Sometimes he’ll even punch the couch to release extra energy or scream into pillows to release energy too.

2. “PAINTING BOXES” Letting him paint old boxes we had lying around. Well, that lasted a minute, I should have realized that would not keep him busy long. He prefers to paint on paper instead and was incredibly focused. He told stories ones that I could barely understand, but were really for him anyway. I wasn’t allowed to interrupt. I love when he gets into that creative mode, it’s a joy to watch.

3. “PAINTING TABLES” I made sure I had water and wet rags to clean Dinosaur within an arms reach, mommy dinosaurs need to be prepared for ANYTHING…and I’m glad I was. He decided to stick his fingers in the tops of the paint bottles and color all over the table. I did not get a picture of that, I was too busy running after him to make sure he didn’t paint the garage or porch. Lots of hot water cleaned up that mess.

4. “MIKE THE KNIGHT” He has been into sticks lately, running around pretending he is “Mike the Knight” destroying dragons. He runs around the yard and driveway looking for any and all sticks. Everyone once in while he stops to inspect stains and bugs on the ground.

5. “STICK CLEAN UP” Then it is always fun to throw sticks back onto the grass. He just can’t clean up the yard calmly, he has to throw the sticks back with as much force as he can muster. He’s really good at throwing, he can’t catch, but he’s a great pitcher. I think it’s because he gets to use his whole body to throw and it feels good to move all your muscles.

6. “FINGER PAINTING LEAVES” I saw this on Forgetful Momma and knew Anthony would love it and he did. He got messy and after a few trees mushed all the paint together and made hand prints. He had a great time. The best part was I now have a great background I can use for photos. OR BETTER YET. Doing the same thing only with a Christmas tree and finger painting on ornaments, then using that as a background for Christmas photo!


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14 responses to “Keeing a Dinosaur Busy

  1. My daughter has a lot of energy too, I will have to try some of these. 🙂 I have to keep her occupied or she resorts to playing with (aka torturing) our dogs LOL.

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