Today is another beautiful Sunday. I messed up the times of Mass in the church hall and pulled into an empty parking lot for 7:30 when mass starts at 8:00. My beautiful and wonderful son made this mistake easy for me. We drove to the gas station and he happily ran into the store to help me buy a paper. He was smiling and soon got the attendant to tgell him a joke.

Man “Why did the skeleton cross the road?”
Son proceeded to answer but I explain to him the rules of the joke
Man after a laugh  “He needed to find his body.”
Son “yes, he needed to be a little boy like me.”

This got another laugh out of the man and made me smile. A simple mistake brought us to that store and spread my son’s happiness and joy to someone else.

Dinosaur watching TV as I got ready for church. Doesn’t he look so cute?

Today at church a new priest in our church and was welcomed wonderfully. He was nervous during his sermon though, and I felt for him. In time he will master his sermon and soon his words will flow with as much ease has does his faith. He brought together the Gospel with his sermon at the end and it made me smile. He explained that you can’t help people bear their crosses if you can’t bear your own. You can’t say you have faith and not show you have faith.

Living a life full of faith can be challenging at times.There are MANY people out there who want to challenge your faith and prove you wrong. There are times in our lives that will test our beliefs. If you hold onto your faith and live a faithFULL life, the rewards of a faithFULL life are amazing.

It makes me think of the saying “The grass is always on the other side.” Perhaps the grass is greener because it is filled with such love and faith. Instead of trying to figure out how to “out do” your neighbors, focus on your living your best life. Soon you will see that the grass has become green, but it won’t matter because your wonderful life is the new focus.


I am totally behind in my cleaning schedule…totally honesty here. Dinosaur is spending the day and night at his La La and Pop Pop’s house. I feel a little guilty but also know he is going to have a great time. I just hope he sleeps through the night. So today and tomorrow morning I am catching up on my cleaning schedule.


2 responses to “Crosses

  1. Love this! I saw a quote somewhere that said “The grass is greener where you water it” Ain’t that the truth?!? Much love to you and your funny little dino.

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