As you may realize about me already, I like to create my own forms. I have one for my budget and now need it more than ever that I am unemployed. I created my on an excel spreadsheet.

I love using excel, I can create formulas to add or subtract amounts of money. I put in FALSE amounts of money, wishful thinking, so you can play around with the sheet and see how it works. I really like using excel for my budget, I can add a sheet for each month and then create a chart to see how much money I have spent on certain items in a year. Pretty cool, right?


Hubby doesn’t budget, no matter how hard I convinced him. He has his set ways doing things…spending money and paying bills, then complaining when he suddenly has no money for another bill or something of equal importance. But, if it works for him then who am I to complain, LOL *rolls eyes*

What do you use for your budget? Do you budget?


Don’t forget about this awesome backpack giveaway…it ends on the 15th.


How are you doing with your cleaning schedule? I’m a little BEHIND…Dinosaur was in such a mood yesterday, so I have double chores to catch up on. Thankfully he’s in school today.


8 responses to “bugeting

  1. God bless you. My husband gets so mad at me because he thinks I have no idea about money. Well, I may not budget but I do try to account for every purchase I make. Is this the most economic cola, cereal, cookie? My sister is a CPA. She can do this in her sleep. She got all those genetics I say. Good luck is you are heading back into the job market. Glad you are so financially responsible.

  2. You are so good. I am like your husband -good at spending. Not so good at the tracking! It’s great that you consciously recognize how your brain is set up and how it operates most efficiently.

    • I’ve heard of him before and would be interested in that, but hubby is not ready to even consider it. I’ve seen small changes in him, when I see more I will mention it. Or I could do it for myself. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!

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