Pierogie Lasagna

After seeing this fabulous dinner, that I now call pierogie lasagna, on There’s Just One Mommy, I had to try it. When I can get a recipe, turn it into a delicious dairy-free one, I’m a happy mom. She has great ideas and wonderful posts, you won’t be disappointed. PLUS now I have another recipe I can add to the list under “ground beef”. A mom should have lots of recipes for different foods, right?

Dairy Free Version:
Two boxes of Mrs T’s Potato and Onion Pierogies
olive oil
raw chopped meat
spice mix
pasta sauce
shredded soy cheese

Layer pierogies on pan
coat with olive oil
crumble raw chopped meat on top
Cover with a jar of your favorite pasta sauce
Sprinkle on soy cheese, or rice cheese if you prefer
bake in the oven at 300 degrees for half and hour

It came out so good, so tasty, so perfect. I made hubby try a bite before he headed off to work and he liked it. I didn’t use all the pierogies, I have three left which I will use for breakfast tomorrow. Perhaps defrost, chop up and make into a cheeseless omelet. Sounds good to me!

Just look at how yummy that looks…I couldn’t wait to eat it.

Dinosaur devoured it! He loved every bite of his lasagna, which made me happy.

I also wanted to share that my son has claimed a shot glass as his personal cup. That is apple juice and water in the cup, just in case you are wondering. It’s the perfect size for him to sip, without gulping too much. I may have to buy some more cheap ones. Whatever works to get them to eat, right?

I also mentioned my spice mix in my list of ingredients. On a recent post The Busy Mom’s Diet did a tutorial on a time saving spice mix and I wanted to slap myself at how simple of an idea that was, I have been adding separate spices to my meals for how many years now? Go check out her other tutorials, you will love them. Anyway, I made my own. Of course I took a picture after I used almost the entire mix. I have to make more, but love the concept. In mine, I added: garlic and onion powder,  curry, all spice, parsley, oregano, chives, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Don’t ask how much of each, I just threw in whatever I felt like, each time the mix will differ. You should know by now I kind of follow recipes and improvise as I go along.

I am doing good with my cleaning schedule. How about you? How behind are you…if at all? Or are you ahead of the game and able to enjoy the clean?


7 responses to “Pierogie Lasagna

    • OMG it was beyond yummy woman. I have told everyone I know about your spice mix…they all have the same reaction….now why didn’t I think of that? LOL

  1. I’m so glad your little guy liked it!
    I love that he claimed a shot glass… Not long ago I was joking that my daughter’s play kitchen cups were just that size. Makes perfect sense for him to claim one — it’s just the right size for little hands!

    Just noticed your check smoke alarm batteries on your monthly cleaning schedule… I NEED to put that on my schedule!

    • OMG it is NOW a staple in our house. THANKS.
      I don’t know why I didn’t think of the shot glass sooner, but I will have to buy the small bathroom dixie cups for him, so he has extra, LOL

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